Enjoy your passions

Bit Byter Ltd, is a small niche consultancy providing beautiful code and software solutions to various Asset Management and Investment Banking clients.

We have a strong belief and commitment to providing best in class solutions and advice and offer a unique service provided by enthusiastic and dedicated professionals.

Our head of Consultancy is Arif Jaffer with almost 30 years experience the field of Technology and Banking whose professional passions are Investment Banking ( Derivatives in Particular) and Software development and Solutions Architecture. At the moment he provides monthly talks about different subjects in the Banking world aimed at those technologists who want to get a better handle on the business functionality and the Risk side of Investment banking. Some of these talks will also be covered here.

On this site you will find lots of interesting Articles written about Banking and Technology. The subject matter of these articles are very diverse ranging from Machine Learning to Java Concurrency as well as banking subjects like Derivatives and Fixed income valuation techniques. All articles are available on our
blogs link.

I also want to make clear that any information on this website is my personal opinion and does not represent the views or data of any of my current or former clients.